February 16, 2024

Healing & Miracles: Unleashing God's Power in Your Life

Begin a transformative journey into the heart of God's promise for healing and miracles. This course invites you on a path to deepen your understanding of biblical truths about healing, the power of prayer, and the reality of miracles in our lives today. Discover how faith, scripture, and the Holy Spirit's guidance can unlock divine healing and miraculous interventions.

Dive into the Scriptures to uncover the biblical basis for healing and God's will concerning health and wholeness. Learn from the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, the apostles, and prophets to understand God's intentions for healing and how it is a manifestation of His kingdom on Earth. This module strengthens your faith and equips you with the knowledge to stand on God's promises for healing.

Step into your calling as a vessel of God's healing power. This practical module equips you with the tools and confidence to pray for the sick, operate in words of knowledge, and exercise faith for miracles. Learn from real-life testimonies, scriptural principles, and hands-on practices that will empower you to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Conclude your journey with a powerful activation into your identity as a conduit of God's healing and miraculous power. Be inspired to take bold steps of faith, believing for the impossible and seeing God's kingdom manifest on Earth through your obedience and faith.

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