February 16, 2024

Kings and Priests: Building Wealth Through Wisdom

Begin your journey with a deep dive into the practical experiences and testimonies of successful business ventures ranging from simple hot dog carts to expansive ranches. Discover how the principles of delayed gratification, understanding supply vs. demand, and aligning with God's wisdom can set the foundation for your financial prosperity. Learn the importance of viewing life as a journey, embracing the cost of success, and aligning your financial attitudes with biblical truths.

Embark on a transformative exploration of wisdom and vision. This module combines lessons from lived experiences with the knowledge and understanding necessary to navigate your path. Discover the importance of allowing yourself room to fail, the power of applying knowledge wisely, and the significance of sharing your vision for both short-term decisions and long-term goals.

Learn about recognizing God's ownership, the responsibility of wealth, and the biblical examples of God's blessing. This module teaches you to be a faithful steward, to understand the impact of generosity, and to navigate the balance between need and greed.

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